Welcome to PHIVOLCS-LAVA or Local Active Volcanoes Archive!

     PHIVOLCS-LAVA is the database of multi-parameter monitoring data acquired through the years by instrumental and visual observation of the Philippines' eight most active volcanoes. This database is built upon the World Organization of Volcano Observatories Database or WOVODat schema, which was formulated by the Earth Observatory of Singapore (EOS) for global volcano monitoring data standardization and access. Since 2012, PHIVOLCS and EOS have been collaborating on the pioneering implementation of the WOVODat schema for the Philippines. The WOVODat schema has been adapted and customized into the independent database system PHIVOLCS-LAVA for automated web-based volcano monitoring data acquisition from remote stations and Volcano Observatories in the Philippines.

     The first phase of public access to PHIVOLCS-LAVA is hereby launched by offering reviewed 2000-2012 multi-parameter monitoring data of Mayon Volcano.

Monitoring Data

Search, view or download Mayon Volcano monitoring data for seismicity, ground deformation, gas visual parameters.


Data Plots

Visualize Mayon Volcano time-series monitoring data interactively through this tool using observation station and visual parameters.



View or download Mayon Volcano photos and scanned analog seismograms using time period filters.


Q & A

Post your question on Mayon Volcano, PHIVOLCS-LAVA functionalities, WOVODat schema and other related topics here for open response by PHIVOLCS and other registered users.



Browse and learn about volcanoes of the Philippines through this interactive tool. Select from the list of active, potentially active and inactive volcanoes.



View or download Mayon Volcano bulletins for the period 2000 to 2012 including those of three major eruptions.


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