What is WOVOdat

The World Organization of Volcano Observatories Database, or WOVOdat, is a database structure or schema designed for standardized digital storage and use of processed volcano monitoring data by all WOVO member organizations. It was conceptualized duringthe 2000 meeting of the International Association for Volcanology and Chemistry of the Earth’s Interior (IAVCEI) at Denpasar, Indonesia, which was attended by 40 participants from 18 countries and 17 WOVO Observatories. WOVODat was envisaged to provide a web-based global repository for volcano monitoring data that allows seamless access and sharing between WOVO observatories for improved forecasting and research of volcanic eruptions.It aims to support comparative analysis of unrest with other similar volcanoes around the world, enablingvolcanologists to understand magmatic and other processes occurring in restless volcanoes based on monitoring data and to formulate accurate forecasts based on outcomes of similar past unrest. The Earth Observatory of Singapore (EOS) took on the bold challenge of developing the database schema under its WOVODat Project and collaborated with PHIVOLCS as its pioneer partner for the test implementation.